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ESG Solutions that Empower Maritime Excellence

Our commitment extends beyond mere technology; we aspire to transform the very core of maritime operations, starting with the heart of your vessel – your crew.

Greenfield’s software empowers you to be an ESG-driven leader in the maritime world, positioning you as a steward of sustainability and safety.

The Greenfield Difference:
Focusing on the “S” of ESG

Greenfield’s maritime solutions are born from the depths of real-life challenges faced by seasoned professionals at sea. Our user-friendly offerings address network complexities and prioritize data security. We are your trusted partner, committed to enhancing safety, wellbeing, and success for your crew and business in the maritime industry.

ShipArc.AI: Greenfield's Maritime Innovation

ShipArc.AI, our flagship product, is engineered to advance maritime operations.

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We monitor ESG Performance in Real Time and over time.

Reduce ESG Risk and Get Better Returns.

No Greenwashing. Improve Transparency and Accountability.

Save Time and Resources through digitization.

Industry Leaders’ Feedback

Among the multitude of HSE reporting apps available online, what sets ShipArc.AI apart is its operational perspective and outstanding data analysis functionalities. It’s more than just an app; it’s a comprehensive ERP system with features like Training Videos, Alerts, Fleet performance monitoring, and more. is well-received by both on-site crews and management teams, with exceptional backend support.

Capt Arun Pushkarna

COO Vahana Offshore

I wish I had access to ‘ShipArc.AI’ during my time at sea and could deploy it across all my vessels when I was CEO. I wholeheartedly recommend this tool to every shipowner and operator. It ensures the safety, happiness, and engagement of your fleet staff, resulting in improved, sustainable performance.

Shesh (Venkatraman Sheshashayee)

CEO & Board Member 

Experience Maritime Transformation with GMT

Discover how Greenfield’s innovative ESG solutions, especially ShipArc, can revolutionize your maritime operations. Together, let’s journey towards sustainable practices that enhance safety and success of your crew and ships at sea.